3D Fragment Dial-a-Molecule Meeting

3D Frag and Dial-a-Molecule one day workshop meeting confirmed.

In collaboration with the ‘Dial-a-Molecule’ EPSRC Grand Challenge Network and SMSDrug.net, on 5 February 2013 the 3D Fragment Consortium will host a workshop meeting at which the opportunities and benefits for academic synthetic chemists will be presented. In particular, the workshop will discuss:

  • how class-leading academic synthesis can be used in a drug discovery context
  • the key features of fragment libraries, and their relevance to cutting-edge research groups
  • the tools available to enable synthetic chemists to make contributions to the drug discovery process
  • constructing an inclusive network of med chem-facing academic chemists
  • funding possibilities
  • how to deal with IP issues

The workshop will be restricted to 40 delegates; presentations will be given by MRC Tech, Dr. Paul Brennan (Structural Genomics Consortium), Prof. Gregory Challis (University of Warwick) and Dr. Stuart Conway (University of Oxford). In addition to the presentations, there will be three sessions of issue-focused facilitated discussion, during which a strategy for forming and progressing a synthetic consortium will be created. The key deliverable of the event will be the creation of a blueprint for successful collaborations between academic chemists and drug-hunting organizations.

Those interested in participating should reister through the attached link:

3DFrag-Dial-a-Molecule Registration